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          The name of CIELOBLU comes from the angle has human face and lion body with wings in the Bible, who is the guardian of Eden garden and the god of war fighting for human’s happiness and safety. With great respect and noble prospect, we named our brand after Cieloblu intense to provide the best and environmental-friendly paintings to customers.


          As a high-end brand of art painting under PV COLOR Italy Co., CIELOBLU has been insisting on offering quality products and exquisite service to meet customers’ individual desire for fashion and art since its birth in 1986. By integrating the modern innovative technology with Italian exquisite construction skill perfectly, we devote to provide one-stop solution and service on environmental-friendly art painting projects. So far, products of CIELOBLU have been sold to 33 countries in the world, certified by authorities like émissions dans l'air intérieur in France and Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A..



          In 2017, Chuangying Co. signed up a strategic partnership agreement with PV COLOR Italy Co. and started the business of CIELOBLU in China by importing the best environmental-friendly art painting products and progressive construction process system. As the only designated operator in Asia Pacific region, Chuangying Co. takes full charge of sales, training, after-sale service, marketing and merchants of brand in our area.


          Base on Chinese customers’ life-style and aesthetic taste, we select and import followed two painting product series from Italy to meet customers’ need. Wall coatings series include Aster Topidea, Garda, Eden A+ and Blue Angel Children's paint while the other one is art painting series with Romance of Rome, Milan Impression and Casanova three products. These incredible art paintings make designers and customers’ ideal home come true and bring the beauty of nature and exotic color to everyone.

          易博国际 竹山县 洛浦县 永胜县 基隆市 河西区 田林县